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at your extended forecast, coming up. >> pam: president obama talked about creating jobs and boosting the economy. details coming up. president also promising more troops home. the reaction from mothers of soldiers searching over the seas and a well known doctor with plans on having sex with a 13 year-old girl. next. [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx and the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> santa cruz police have released a sketch of a man they say shot and robbed a woman the suspect pointed a rifle at the victim while she was waiting at a bus stop and demanded her to empty her pockets. the victim said she then felt what she thought was being hit in the head. doctors later discovered she had been shot. the victim is expected to make a full discovery. police is actively working on the investigation. the suspect is described as a medium built and a gruff the president talks about creating jobs and boosti
: in national news. president obama is asking congress to come up with tens of billions of dollars in short-term spending cuts and tax revenues to delay automatic spending cuts. those cuts are scheduled to kick in march 1st. mister obama says the nation should move forward with a broad package for tax reform and spending cuts. but if congress can't act before the deadline. lawmakers should at least pass a small package to fend off damaging effects that would be felt across the board. >> our economy is headed in the right direction right now. >> pam: president obama says the proposals he offered house speaker john boehner late last year during discussions over the so- called fiscal cliff are still on the table. however -- boehner says additional tax hikes are out of the question. >> pam: we're learning more about the gunman -- jimmy lee dykes -- who kidnapped a five year old boy. and held him hostage for nearly a week in an underground bunker in alabama. here are new photos released by the f-b-i showing photos right outside the underground bunker. the f-b-i says dykes was involved in a firef
honoring her memory. first lady michelle obama. and -- a condor tries to escape from its handler during the national anthem at a hockey game. plus -- china celebrating a start to their lunar new year calendar. the traditional way. with fireworks! >> some incredible video of fireworks lighting up the night sky in beijing. as people in china celebrated the first few hours of the chinese new year saturday night. the fireworks were set off at midnight on the first day of the month in china's lunar calendar. it's a tradition they've been following for centuries. the media in china says tens of thousands of firefighters and police officers were on standby -- in case of any fires and emergencies. >> and take a look at this! -- during the national anthem at a bakersfield condors hockey game on friday the teams mascot got free from its handler and escaped across the ice. the handler managed to chase it down. but took a hard spill on the ice. allowing the condor to get loose again. the large bird then hops across the ice and leaps onto the bakersfield bench sending some players and their coach aw
hadiya pendleton's funeral saturday. first lady michelle obama was among the attendees. hadiya was gunned down back in january. just days after performing at the presidential inauguration. police say the gunman mistaken someone in the group pendleton was standing with. as a member of a rival gang. on tuesday president barack obama will deliver the first state of the union address former obama campaign manager stephanie cutter said it will be the perfect chance to lay out his priorities and influence millions of television viewers. >> "they will be very familiar themes. the economy will be central to this speech and so that everybody can participate, a fair shot, pay your fair share. but other things that he does lay out. he'll lay out the looming deadline on this sequester, the tough choices that we have to make around it and the consequences if we let the sequester go into effect. and, you know, cuts to some pretty critical programs. so i think the state of the union is always an important moment in a presidency. this is another chance to make the case, not to the people sitting in the r
. just miles from president obama's chicago home. president obama will deliver the first state of the union address. of his second term tomorrow. the economy will be the primary focus of the state of the union. the president will talk about job creation, and growing the economy. by investing in education, boosting clean energy production and reducing the deficit. in ways that don't burden seniors, the middle class or the poor gun control is another key element in the speech since the president is expected to continue his push for universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons and a limit on magazines and a reminder, you can watch the president's state of the union address live. on kron 4's 24-7 bay area news channel -- comcast 193. >> a french cardinal says, pope benedict's decision to resign. is a liberating act for future popes. the pontiff told a meeting of cardinals today -- he will be resigning at the end of this month. becoming the first pope to step down in some 600 years. he says he simply is not physically and mentally well enough. to do the job anymore. bene
send-off in washington. clinton also submitted her official letter of resignation to president obama. during a private farewell meeting at the white house. and the secret service is going to need a new boss. according to an agency spokesman, mark sullivan is retiring as director. sullivan has been with the secret service for 30 years, and spent nearly the last seven years in his current post. the secret service came under fire last year, when some agents were involved in a prostitution scandal in south america. at the time, president obama said, he had confidence in sullivan's leadership. former new york city mayor ed koch. has died. koch was elected mayor in 1977 and served three terms. he was also a former congressman. and appeared as a judge on the t-v show "the people's court." koch was moved to intensive care just yesterday. he was 88 years old. it's day four of a terrifying hostage situation in alabama. police say, a five- year-old boy is being held in an underground bunker by a gunman. the police, the f-b-i and a hostage negotiator. are all still at the scene in the small town
for another tragedy. >> pam: the gun control debate still hot right now! president obama hit the road to minneapolis -- calling for gun control legislation. he says, a consensus is emerging for universal background checks for gun buyers. >> we do not have to agree on everything that we need to do something. mister obama acknowledges. a tough road ahead to pass an assault weapons ban. the president says, the ban on military- style assault weapons. and a 10-round limit for magazines should be implemented. john kerry -- served his first day in office as secretary of state today. he noted the death of four americans in benghazi last september, which included bay area native - ambassador chris stevens -- kerry says -- the safety of american diplomats will be a top priority. the former massacusetts senator is the first male secretary of state in eight years -- he also showed a lighter side today during his welcome at the state department. saying -- he has-quote big heels to fill. >> a film crew was in ridgefield, connecticut monday scouting out locations for a newtown- shooting-inspired mov
about president obama's new many of the president's key nominees are sitting in limbo. and the clock is ticking on a number of critical issues. jessica yellin breaks down all the nominees and what's stopping them from taking office. >> reporter: up in the air, and nominees, defense secretary, cia, and treasury. the choice that is caught in the most is defense hagel... >> if he has already lost one vote in the senate and his chance next is one week away. the more time he waits, the more times they fight to trouble. mccain.. says that there is a lot of ill will. he attacked bush, mercilessly. >> also, and a little was the c i a choice. first, when republicans said that he would hold up this confirmation unless they have more information on the use of drones. >> at all, said that there was never use of any drones. and also, something else talking points but led administrative officials from the benghazi protest. >> we are going to find out who changed those talking points. >> and treasury confirmation was going to be smooth sailing but republicans say they want to slow him down over qu
hubbs had in posting the threatening messages. in national news tonight. president obama is considering weighing in. on gay marriage here in california. the administration is considering whether to urge the u.s. supreme court to overturn the state's ban on gay marriage. it has until february 28 to intervene. california voters approved the ballot initiative in 2008. that overturned a state supreme court decision allowing gay marriage. 29 other states have constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. nine states and washington, d-c recognize same-sex marriages. san jose and san francisco making the short list of prospectivie cities for the 2024 summer olympics. san jose already responding with a thanks. but no thanks. saying the requirements to host the olympic is too expenseive an undertaking for the city. one of the requirements of hosting the olympics. is having an operating budget of more than 3-billion dollars! other requirements include providing 45-thousand hotel rooms an olympic village for 16- thousand 500 people and a 5- thousand person dining hall. >> the warriors, and these
of president barack obama firing a rifle. just two days before he heads to minnesota to discuss gun control. this photo was taken on the presidents birthday back on august fourth. and shows him shooting at clay targets on the range at camp david. this all comes as the president and congress continue to debate over gun violence in the wake of the newtown connecticut school shootings. >> here we are on the eve of super bowl sunday. this live look with red and gold i thought this was kind of strange. maybe this is a signed all locations are 49 degrees! even the weather is rooting for the 49ers. tomorrow, with low clouds bay-area wide. but they should clear out with a slightly warmer temperatures. mostly sunny skies. of the fog tracker at midnight with clouds to the north bay, the bayside, and we will see low visibility. santa rosa, with one quarter 1 mi. visibility. it could be difficult to see some of the morning. still, clouds but by 10:00 a.m., those would be retreating as we go for the afternoon a. it will be nice for super bowl parties. during the halftime, it will be a nice today. temper
on illegal gun trafficking, and improve school security. >> president obama pressed congress to pass tighter restrictions on guns in the aftermath of december's deadly at sandy hook elementary school. a west sacramento police officer is behind bars tonight.accused of sexual assault and kidnapping, while out on patrol. investigators say sergio alvarez took advantage of at least six victims - all female - ranging in age from 20 to 47. police say they know they have a lot of work to do. in order to rebuild the community's trust. >> i want to make sure that the actions of one person does not indicate the true sense of the city of sacramento. >> alvarez had been a cop in west sacramento since 2007. the 37-year -old was put on administrative leave in september, and once the investigation was finished, alvarez was fired. >> new at 11. right now -- contra costa county authorities are looking for an at-risk bethel island man -- christopher fachner has been missing since early february. this is a photo of him. fachner was last seen on february 5th at the contra costa regional medical center in martin
. are unlikely to succeed. before those cuts are set to kick in on friday. president barack obama and congressional leaders are scheduled to meet friday-- the day of the deadline. white house spokesman jay carney says, the friday talks are intended to be a "constructive discussion". about how to keep the cuts from having harmful consequences. meanwhile, agencies and workers affected by the cuts. are laying out what it will all mean. among the agencies affected. is immigrations customs enforcement also known as ice to prepare for those cuts. federal immigration authorities have released hundreds of detainees. authorities say, they were in the process of being removed from the u-s. the white house says, they were *not notified. immigration authorities say, the detainees are what they and non- criminal". and that many. though not all of them, are being monitored. right now-- san bernardino county officials have determined how much the six- day manhunt for former los angeles police officer christopher dorner will cost. a department spokesperson says, the initial cost for the search an
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